Morningstar Report 11-26-15
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Rating and Risk
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Morningstar Rating (Relative to Category)10-31-15 
 Morningstar ReturnMorningstar RiskMorningstar RatingTM
3-YearHighAverage5 stars
5-YearHighAbove Average5 stars
OverallHighAbove Average5 stars
Morningstar Category: Intermediate-Term BondClick here to see our Methodology
 Volatility Measurements Trailing 3-Yr through 10-31-15 | *Trailing 5-Yr through 10-31-15 
Standard Deviation3.00 Sharpe Ratio0.84
Mean2.57 Bear Market Decile Rank*5
 Modern Portfolio Theory StatisticsTrailing 3-Yr through 10-31-15 
 Standard Index
Barclays US Agg Bond TR USD
Best Fit Index
Barclays US Credit TR USD
Total Returns
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Growth of $10,00010-31-15 
Fund: DoubleLine Core Fixed Income ICategory: Intermediate-Term BondIndex: Barclays US Agg Bond TR USD
 Performance History10-31-15 
Total Return %---------11.58.2-
+/- Index---------
+/- Category---------8.1-3.6-
% Rank in Category---------1313587
Fund Category---------MUMUMUMUCI
See fund category codes
 Trailing Total Returnsthrough 11-26-15 
 Total Return %+/- Barclays US Agg Bond TR USD+/- Barclays US Govt/Credit 5-10 Yr TR USD% Rank in Cat
3-Year Annualized2.360.840.65---
5-Year Annualized5.172.061.07---
10-Yr Annualized------------
 Historical Quarterly Returns 
Investor Returns
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
What are Investor Returns?
Morningstar investor returns (also known as dollar-weighted returns) measure how the typical investor in a fund fared over various time periods, incorporating the impact of cash inflows and outflows from all investors' purchases and sales. If investors bought a fund after it had posted big gains and sold at a low ebb, investor returns will be lower than the fund's total returns. If investors bought and sold at more opportune times, however, investor returns will be higher than the fund's total returns. (For more details, please click here.)
 Performance History
Investor Return %---------8.86.6-2.55.2
Total Return %---------11.58.2-1.26.9
+/- Category *---------7.0-3.6-3.03.2
% Rank in Category *---------1315526
 Investor Returns vs Total Returnsthrough 10-31-15 
 Investor Return %Total Return %Investor Return
% Rank in Category
3-Year Annualized0.982.5526
5-Year Annualized2.475.1726
10-Yr Annualized---------
*Data refers to Investor Returns
Tax Analysis
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Tax Analysis10-31-15 
 3-Yr Avg %5-Yr Avg %10-Yr Avg %
Pretax Return2.555.17---
Tax-adjusted Return0.743.30---
% Rank in Category191---
Tax Cost Ratio1.761.78---
Potential Cap Gains Exposure %-1.4
Sec Filing
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Style Box Details09-30-15  
Average Eff Duration4.89 Yrs
Average Eff Maturity7.10 Yrs
Average Credit QualityBB
Investment Style History (as of 12-31)
 Asset Allocation10-31-15 
 % Long% Short% Net Assets
Cash7.70.0 7.7
Stocks0.00.0 0.0
Bonds90.10.0 90.1
Foreign Stocks0.00.00.0
(as a % of assets)
 Bond Quality09-30-15  
% of Bond % of Bond
AAA49.5 BB7.1
AA4.9 B5.1
A9.7 Below B5.4
BBB14.4 Not Rated3.9
 Sector Weightings 10-31-15 
 % of BondsRel to Cat Avg
US Government
US Treasuries------
US Agency------
Mortgage Pass-Thru------
Mortgage CMO------
Mortgage ARM------
US Corporate------
Corporate Inflation-Protected--- 0.00
Foreign Corp------
Foreign Govt------
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Top 25 Holdings    Get Price Quotes10-31-15 
Number of Bond Holdings (Long)878 Annual Turnover %65
Number of Stock Holdings (Long)0 Yield %3.6
Number of Stock Holdings (Short)--- % Assets in Top 10 Holdings16.72
Number of Bond Holdings (Short)---
Top 25 HoldingsMaturity DateAmount 000Value $000% Net Assets
US Treasury Note 2.25%03/31/202189,60092,3512.11
US Treasury Note 2.375%12/31/202081,10084,2681.93
US Treasury Note 2%08/31/202183,10084,1971.93
US Treasury Note 1.75%02/28/202278,30077,7371.78
Morgan Stanley Inst Liquidity Gov Inst---69,07069,0701.58
BlackRock Liquidity FedFund Instl---69,07069,0701.58
Fidelity® Instl MM Fds Government I---69,07069,0701.58
US Treasury Note 2.75%11/15/202364,90068,6421.57
FHLMC 3%01/01/204557,82158,5121.34
DoubleLine Floating Rate I---5,68657,7721.32
US Treasury Note 1.75%10/31/202052,80053,1881.22
FHLMC CMO 3%02/15/204450,00051,4531.18
DoubleLine Long Duration Total Ret Bd I---5,00050,3001.15
FNMA 3%03/01/204539,74940,3020.92
US Treasury Bond 2.75%11/15/204240,70039,4950.90
FNMA 3.5%01/01/204536,38137,4480.86
Securitized Mtg Asset Ln Tr 2015-1 144A02/25/205452,60837,4410.86
FHLMC CMO 3%12/15/204135,00035,9630.82
Csmc Tr 2015-Rpl3 FRN12/26/205635,00034,9230.80
Impac Secd Assets Tr 2006-5 CMO02/25/203737,81529,4360.67
FHLMC CMO 3%06/15/203926,66527,8190.64
FHLMC CMO 3%02/15/203426,54427,6820.63
FNMA CMO 3%02/25/204329,31727,4610.63
Csmc Tr 2013-Ivr4 CMO07/25/204326,65127,4020.63
US Treasury Bond 3.625%02/15/204423,00026,3350.60
Portfolio Holdings as of 10-31-15
Top 25 holdings account for the fund's short positions (if any), which appear shaded.
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
Manager NameJeffrey E. Gundlach
Manager Start Date06-01-10
Mr. Gundlach is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine. He is recognized as an expert in bond and fixed income investments. His investment strategies have been featured in leading publications including The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Barron’s, Forbes, and Fortune. In 2010, Mr. Gundlach was named to the SmartMoney Power 30. In 2011, he was featured as “The King of Bonds” in Barron’s, and named one of “5 Mutual Fund All-Stars” by Fortune Magazine. In 2012, he was named one of the “50 Most Influential” by Bloomberg Markets magazine. In 2013, he was named “Money Manager of the Year” by Institutional Investor. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College summa cum laude holding a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy. He attended Yale University as a PhD candidate in Mathematics.
Fund Inception06-01-10
Fund Advisor(s)
DoubleLine Capital LP
Fund Subadvisor(s)
Fees & Expenses
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Fees and Expenses07-31-15 
Maximum Sales Fees %
Initial None
Deferred None
Redemption Fees % None
Maximum Fees %
Administrative 0.00
Total Cost ProjectionsCost per $10,000
3-Year $160
5-Year $280
10-Year $628
Actual Fees %
12b-1 0.00
Net Expense Ratio: Annual Report 0.46
(As of 03-31-15)
Net Expense Ratio: Prospectus 0.50
Expense Waivers:
Purchase Info
DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
 Purchase Information  
Minimum InvestmentsBrokerage Availability
Initial $100000
Additional $100
Initial IRA $5000
Additional IRA $100
Initial AIP $100000
Additional AIP $100

Doubleline Funds Trust
333 South Grand Avenue, Suite 1800
Los Angeles,  CA  90071


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DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I  DBLFX
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