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Number of Bond Holdings (Long)3624 Annual Turnover %251
Number of Stock Holdings (Long)2 Yield %5.21
Number of Stock Holdings (Short)0 % Assets in Top 10 Holdings27.67
Number of Bond Holdings (Short)21
Top 25 HoldingsMaturity DateAmount 000Value $000% Net Assets
Irs Aud 4.000 03/15/13-10y Cme03/15/20233,175,4002,875,8388.74
Nota Do Tesouro Nacional08/15/20501,2761,242,6623.78
US Treasury Note 1.75%05/15/2023872,800808,6692.46
Cdx Hy20 5y Bp Ice06/20/2018691,700753,5322.29
Nota Do Tesouro Nacional Unsec01/01/20231,708675,1352.05
US Treasury Note 2.5%08/15/2023653,800644,5291.96
PIMCO Short-Term Floating NAV Fund08/25/201457,530575,5841.75
Cdx Hy22 5y Bp Ice06/20/2019504,400542,7651.65
Cdx Hy21 5y Bp Ice12/20/2018475,700514,1921.56
Irs Usd 3.000 06/18/14-10y Cme06/18/2024469,000-471,824-1.43
Irs Aud 4.250 03/15/13-10y Cme03/15/2023397,900367,3921.12
Irs Cad 3.000 03/19/12-15y Cme03/19/2027376,200335,6981.02
Irs Cad 2.800 12/18/13-30y Cme12/18/2043415,500-334,427-1.02
Rbssp Resec Tr 2012-4 FRN09/30/2047412,406318,7650.97
US Treasury Note 2%02/15/2023325,400309,4990.94
Springleaf Fin 6.9%12/15/2017258,179284,6420.87
Cmbx.Na.Aaa.4 Sp Dub02/17/2051267,477264,7870.80
Cmbx.Na.Aaa.6 Sp Fbf05/11/2063238,500233,4740.71
Irs Usd 1.500 06/19/13-7y Cme06/19/2020237,000-228,485-0.69
Emerm 4 A Step 1meur+1207/15/2048174,261211,9990.64
Berab 2011-1 A1 3meur + 30bp12/30/2055146,760199,0930.61
Cmbx.Na.Aaa.4 Sp Fbf02/17/2051192,222190,2890.58
US Treasury Note 2.75%11/15/2023187,000187,8620.57
Portfolio Holdings as of 06-30-14
Top 25 holdings account for the fund's short positions (if any), which appear shaded.
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