Top 25 Holdings    Get Price Quotes03-31-16 
Number of Stock Holdings (Long)505 Annual Turnover %5
Number of Bond Holdings (Long)0 Yield %1.61
Number of Stock Holdings (Short)0 % Assets in Top 10 Holdings17.24
Number of Bond Holdings (Short)0
Top 25 HoldingsSectorP/EYTD Return %% Net Assets
Apple Inc*11.42-10.054.03
Microsoft Corp*37.04-9.592.04
Exxon Mobil Corporation*16.4518.521.90
Johnson & Johnson*19.6916.611.48
General Electric Co*19.08-2.411.46
Wells Fargo & Co*13.14-13.811.39
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class B*14.316.241.39
JPMorgan Chase & Co*11.25-8.531.30
Pfizer Inc*24.278.551.13
Procter & Gamble Co*26.535.521.12
Verizon Communications Inc*18.9421.051.09
Chevron Corp*19.5315.351.03
AT&T Inc*38.1724.910.95
Bank of America Corporation*12.47-23.950.92
Merck & Co Inc*14.016.970.92
Walt Disney Co*21.41-8.590.92
Gilead Sciences Inc*9.29-17.770.89
Facebook Inc Class A*105.267.680.88
Citigroup Inc*11.66-21.660.87 Inc*---4.740.87
Intel Corp*14.75-7.950.87
Coca-Cola Co*27.554.470.85
International Business Machines Corp*9.477.830.83
Google Inc Class A*35.97-11.150.83
Google Inc Class C Capital Stock*35.09-10.390.81
YTD Return through 06-27-16
Portfolio Holdings as of 03-31-16
Top 25 holdings account for the fund's short positions (if any), which appear shaded.
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