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BHP Group PLC CEO Andrew Mackenzie Retired Dec. 31DJ01-07-20 | 07:58 AM EST
Miners Seek Safer Waste Disposal -- but It Hasn't Been EasyDJ12-22-19 | 07:14 AM EST
SolGold: BHP Group Buys Extra 4% in Company for $22 Million; Shares RiseDJ11-25-19 | 05:24 AM EST
BHP Plans to Become Largest Shareholder of Ecuador-Focused SolGold -BloombergDJ11-24-19 | 10:38 PM EST
Woodside Narrows 2019 Production GuidanceDJ11-18-19 | 06:05 PM EST
BHP Names Mike Henry as Next CEO -- UpdateDJ11-13-19 | 05:04 PM EST
BHP Names Mike Henry as Next CEODJ11-13-19 | 04:52 PM EST
BHP Sees Development Options to Lift Petroleum OutputDJ11-10-19 | 07:24 PM EST
Miners Want to Take the Boom and Bust Out of CEO Pay PackagesDJ11-07-19 | 08:14 AM EST
BHP Signs Agreements With Chinese Customers for Iron Ore, Coal, CopperDJ11-05-19 | 05:33 PM EST
Correction to story about electric mining vehiclesDJ11-03-19 | 06:48 PM EST
The Next Frontier for Electric Vehicles: Deep Underground -- UpdateDJ11-03-19 | 03:50 PM EST
The Next Frontier for Electric Vehicles: Deep UndergroundDJ11-02-19 | 05:44 AM EST
BHP Approves US$44 Million for Samarco Plant RestartDJ11-01-19 | 02:04 AM EST
Iluka Considers Spinning Off MAC RoyaltyDJ10-30-19 | 05:39 PM EST
BHP Signs Renewables Deal in Chile; to Record $780 Million Provision on Coal ContractsDJ10-20-19 | 07:26 PM EST
BHP 1Q Output Down on Maintenance Work -- UpdateDJ10-16-19 | 06:06 PM EST
BHP 1Q Output Down on Maintenance WorkDJ10-16-19 | 05:54 PM EST
Miners' New Worry: Other People's PollutionDJ10-09-19 | 09:12 AM EST
BHP Approaches Anglo American CEO Over Top Role -BloombergDJ09-25-19 | 09:30 AM EST
ExxonMobil Testing Interest for Assets in Southeastern AustraliaDJ09-18-19 | 04:31 AM EST
BHP Seeks Changes to CEO Pay Structure -- UpdateDJ09-16-19 | 10:01 PM EST
BHP Seeks Changes to CEO Pay StructureDJ09-16-19 | 07:03 PM EST
BHP Shares Jump 6% on Oil Price SpikeDJ09-15-19 | 08:42 PM EST
BHP Group Doesn't Endorse Resolution to Split with Lobby GroupsDJ09-05-19 | 05:08 AM EST
BHP Investors Call for Split From Lobby Groups on ClimateDJ09-04-19 | 12:24 AM EST
Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore PricesDJ09-03-19 | 06:20 AM EST
LONDON MARKETS: Miners And Cooling Trade Tensions Extend British Stock RallyDJ08-30-19 | 07:33 AM EST
BHP Profit Soars as Iron Ore Surges -- WSJDJ08-20-19 | 02:47 AM EST
BHP Pledges Record Payout as Profit Surges -- UpdateDJ08-19-19 | 09:59 PM EST
BHP Expects Iron Ore Supply to Normalize in 1-3 Years -- Commodity CommentDJ08-19-19 | 08:12 PM EST
BHP Fiscal Year Underlying Earnings Rise by 2% On-Year -- Earnings ReviewDJ08-19-19 | 07:06 PM EST
BHP Annual Profit More than DoublesDJ08-19-19 | 06:47 PM EST
LONDON MARKETS: Miners Weigh On London As Broker Calls Top For Iron OreDJ07-24-19 | 12:06 PM EST
EUROPE MARKETS: Deutsche Bank Shares Slide As Europe Stocks Drift Before ECB MeetingDJ07-24-19 | 07:17 AM EST
BHP to Set New Carbon Goals, Including for Customers, Says CEODJ07-23-19 | 05:26 AM EST
Port Hedland June Iron-ore Exports Up On-yearDJ07-16-19 | 09:00 PM EST
Commodity Comment: BHP Forecasts Higher Iron Ore Output, Weaker PetroleumDJ07-16-19 | 07:45 PM EST
BHP Annual Iron-ore Output Flat; Forecasts Rise in FY20DJ07-16-19 | 07:10 PM EST
BHP Looking to Exit Thermal Coal -BloombergDJ07-11-19 | 10:13 AM EST
Big Mining Companies Disclose Questionable Stability of Dams -- UpdateDJ06-08-19 | 07:27 AM EST
Big Mining Companies Disclose Questionable Stability of DamsDJ06-07-19 | 07:17 PM EST
In About Turn, BHP Wants to Build Nickel BusinessDJ05-21-19 | 07:32 PM EST
BHP More Bullish on Electric-Vehicle RevolutionDJ05-20-19 | 10:14 PM EST
The CEO Who Wants to Change How People Think About MiningDJ05-08-19 | 09:13 AM EST
BHP Group Faces Largest Legal Claim in U.K. History -- UpdateDJ05-07-19 | 10:32 AM EST
BHP Group Facing $5 Billion Lawsuit in Relation to 2015 Dam CollapseDJ05-07-19 | 09:23 AM EST
BHP Trims Annual Iron Ore Target After Cyclone -- UpdateDJ04-16-19 | 09:07 PM EST
BHP Trims Annual Iron-Ore Target After CycloneDJ04-16-19 | 07:00 PM EST
BHP Reviews Iron-Ore Output, Cost Guidance Following CycloneDJ04-01-19 | 05:49 PM EST
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